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Lynne Fahnestalk

"A Rivet of Robots: Second Gear"

One of a kind robot sculptures made from up-cycled metal objects.


Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk
Lynne spent her childhood mostly drawing dinosaurs and bunnies. She has won a basketball in a colouring contest, repaired a printing press with a bobby pin, and created a comic strip for cows. Lynne’s first professional job as an artist was in the early 1970s, illustrating an Ichthyological key for $1.75 per hour.

Lynne’s current passion is creating one-of-a-kind robot sculptures from upcycled metal objects. Her Bots have been described as 3-D cartoons, and she likes that comparison. Each Bot is securely constructed using drilling and screws, and she uses the metal pieces as she finds them – never polishing, painting or shaping. The search for parts is also a part of the creative process. Garage sales and flea markets are her friends.
The question Lynne is asked most often about her Bots is, “Do they move?”
Her answer is, “Not when I’ve been looking.”

Lynne is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Canadian Prix Aurora Award for Artistic Achievement, plus numerous awards from art shows, including Best Body of Work, Best of Show, Most Humorous, and Popular Choice.
Before making Bots, Lynne was a professional illustrator and cartoonist for over 30 years. She has served as Art Director for a printing company and various magazines, and was co-owner of a small printing company, which specialized in producing art prints for artists.
Lynne refers to her work as ‘Quality Art with a Smile’. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband, the lovely and talented Steve Fahnestalk, and a house full of robot parts.



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