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Molly Gray

"Medium Impact "

Medium Impact is an exploration of how different art mediums affect a single subject matter. In this body of work I will create the same theme using a wide range of art mediums from drawing, painting, and sculpture, to printmaking, mixed media, and other methods. The desired effect is that each medium affects the subject in a unique way, however, the answer will only be revealed through creation of this body of work.

As well as discovering how mediums affect the subject matter, it is my goal to spark the discussion between art and craft among viewers. Can art and craft be separated or are they in fact, inextricably linked?

Molly Gray
is an artist with a BFA Honours from Bishop's University as well as a certificate with distinction from BCIT in new media design. While at Bishop's, her concentration was painting, printmaking and sculpture, which she continues to explore as she ventures to share her work professionally.  Gray has exhibited her work in Quebec and British Columbia and was recently awarded honourable mention for her work ”Liberte, Egalite, Molly Gray” at the Rock Family Gallery for the Peggy Staber Memorial show.

Themes in her work vary between mediums.  Her acrylic paintings explore questions of modern instant media culture, often juxtaposing classic known works with the stark interruptions of technology.  These satirical pieces playfully challenge the viewer to question how our culture's values have shifted over time.  In contrast, her watercolour works concentrate on the simplicity and beauty found in nature.  Gray captures still life with series that focus on animals, plant life and fruit, often finding inspiration in her outdoor surroundings or the simple beauty of the everyday.  The evolution of her work is influenced by her curiosity of the world around her, which is currently a wide-open space in Fort Langley, BC.  Gray resides with her husband in a creaky-floored house with a large vegetable garden out back.  Her neighbours are horses.



Show runs:
July 10 - July 28
Opening reception:
July 14, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

In The Rock Family Gallery at the Mission Arts Centre
33529 1st Ave. Mission

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Tuesday - Sunday
Noon - 4pm


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