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Brent Hayden

"Fine Art Photograpy by Brent Hayden"

Brent Hayden

Fine art photography of Brent Hayden


"I hear the announcer call my name, I walk out onto the deck, I hear the crowd cheer, I walk to my block and I stand there, just staring down my lane. I take deep breaths and block out the noise. I stand still staring down my lane, until my vision becomes narrowed to the yellow pad at the other end. Between here and there, it’s just me and the black line on the bottom of the pool. I cannot control what the other swimmers are going to do in their lanes. All I hear now is my own heart beat like a base drum at 120 beats per minute. This is my lane. This is where I feel the most alive. My photography is like that for me - by eliminating all the unnecessary clutter and only including the fewest most important elements, I hope my images take you into that moment, when you just stare down your lane and listen to your own heart beat, even if just for a moment."

Brent Hayden - November 2017

from brenthayden.com


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