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Justin Gedak


Justin Gedak

A series of surreal gothic fantasy digital painting and oil painting portraits of beautiful mysterious female warriors.


Justin Gedak
Justin Gedak was born in Langley, British Columbia, and grew up in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver.

His series of digital and oil paintings are surreal gothic fantasy portraits of beautiful women who have been through troubled times, and survived to be stronger for it.

"People often ask why I paint sad women," Justin says, "but my response is always that I don't see them as sad. I see them as inspiring, and even uplifting. I see them as warriors who refuse defeat."

Besides painting, Justin also spends time writing fantasy/horror stories.

Justin currently resides in the Fraser Valley.


Show runs:
March 6 - 24
Opening reception:
March 10, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

In The Rock Family Gallery at the Mission Arts Centre
33529 1st Ave. Mission

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday
Noon - 4pm


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